„Join politics“ Frauen diskutieren über politische Partizipation


Viele indische Frauen sind politisch aktiv – gerade in der lokalen Politik.Was diese Frauen motiviert, warum sie sich für andere einsetzen und wie sie von ihrer eigenen Familie unterstützt werden, zeigt ein Ausschnitt aus unserer Radiosendung.

The Involvement of Empowered Women in Local Admibild-radionistration

Ms C.: Since my young age itself I was Involved in women groups. In my community I observed the discrimination and violence against women. This motivated me to work for women’s rights. I realized  that this can be achieved through political means and hence I wanted to join politics. The reservation for my SC  community, that was given due to the efforts of Dr. Ambedkar, gave me an opportunity to make use of reservation and get elected . Due to this, we are able to get equal status and benefits therefore  I like politics.

Ms D.: Yes, really this is visible in your work. Rajeevi after getting 33% of reservation for the women do you believe that women has got equal opportunity.

Ms R. Reservation for lady candidates is 50% at Grama Panchayath/Taluk Panchayath and Jilla Panchayath but  it is sad that for the State  legislative assembly and National Parliament level there is no reservation for women.

Ms D.: As a woman rises up in politics, does she face more problems or opposition from others?

Ms R.: This very common in politics, but women have  to over come this situation.

Ms D.: How do you overcome the situation  and along  with your political career how do you manage your family life?

Ms R.: Basically, I am an agent for the Life Insurance Corporation . My husband and daughter support me in my political career and also support me in my other works.

Ms D.:  There is an allegation that the women are made to contest elections because of reservation available for them, but once they are elected  they are not allowed to take decisions. Is it true?

Ms C.: During earlier days it might have been true that way, but now women have  developed them – selves and they take their  own decisions regarding  the issues they face while in office. This is possible because of the training programmes attended by them. In my case, I  have attended training programmes of the govt.  arranged for us like “Abhiyasi varga” and satellite training for newly elected members“ of the Jilla Panchayath.

Ms D.:  I came to understand that in each Panchyath (Dorfverwaltung), there are committees to ensure  social justice and also keep a watch and prevent exploitation and human trafficking activities.

Ms C. : Yes, we are having  such a committees at village and taluk levels and observing the meeting proceedings and give suitable suggestions.

Ms D.: Have you solved any women related problem?

Ms C.: I recently handled a case of a woman who had a family problem due to an extra – marital relationship of her husband. I tried to solve that and I made them to compromise by using the help of Santwana Women’s Help Line, Belthangady Taluk.

Ms D.: How do you utilize the financial grants in your locality ?

Ms R.: After the grant is sanctioned  from the govt., 10% is reserved for the President and Vice President. The remaining grant amount is divided equally amongst the elected members . We can use this for the development of our constituencies.  I use this grant according to my people‘s needs and their basic requirement.

Ms D.: Did you face any challenges during your  tenure, Chandrakala?

Ms C.: In my area I concentrate on people‘s basic necessities regarding drinking water, roads, electricity etc.. After winning the election, I work without caste, creed or religion bias and ensure that every body gets the benefits. I spent the grant amount according to the people‘s actual needs and I was frequently visiting the colony of SC and ST,  and my area is also affected by naxalite problem. I visit the people of that area, release grants to uplift the people after observing their requirements. People recognize my services.

Ms D.: Our programme “Bharavasheya Belaku” is meant specially for women and to empower them. What advice would you give to our listeners based on  your experience?

Ms C.: Woman should not remain only in her  house,  should come out,  expand her knowledge and use it for her family and society . Once she learns how to utilize her knowledge for helping  people , definitely she will enjoy her social service activities. She has to learn the necessities of people without which how can she give service to society.

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