Mrs Latha und die Radiosendung

Prajna hat uns vor Kurzem die folgende Fallstudie über Mrs Latha geschickt, eine HIV positive Frau, die durch die Radiosendung von Prajna erfahren hat und unterstützt werden konnte. Wir möchten ihre Geschichte gerne mit euch teilen.

„Mrs. Latha (name changed) had come to Prajna and met our Director Prof. Hilda Rayappan. She said that she had listened to Bharavaseya Belaku Programme of Prajna’s Dhira Project at All India Radio, Mangalore  on 26.01.2016 and thereby came to know about Prajna and how it is helping HIV+ people.

While talking about herself she said that she is a widow and a HIV+. She had got the infection from her husband who was a driver.

She has one daughter. She also said that after the death of her husband, her blood test was done and she was found to be a HIV+. Since then, she was living in a state of depression, loneliness and was not mingling with anyone. She was afraid that her condition when known to others, she would be discriminated and isolated. Hence, she planned to commit suicide. At that time she heard the Radio programme “Bharavasheya Bellaku” and  listened to the HIV infected women sharing their experiences and how they are benefitted through Prajna’s Project.

This programme had a very positive impact on her mind. She decided not to commit suicide and came to Prajna. Thereafter, she joined Prajna’s PREACH Project network at Belthangady and has been regularly attending meetings. She affirms and reaffirms that she has gained a lot of psycho-social support through the Prajna’s Radio, programme.

This is one example of the impact of Prajna’s Bhavavasaya Belaku Radio Programme broadcasted through All India Radio, Mangalore.“


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