About us

Dhira e.V. is an association of former „weltwärts“ volunteers of the Karl Kuebel Foundation, who lived and worked in different non-governmental organizations in India. We founded the association in 2015 – intending to continue working for a world of solidarity after our return and to examine the topic of development cooperation critically. We consider working with our Indian partner organization Prajna Counselling Center on equal terms as very essential. In this regard, we regularly question our own role critically. How can we create a world in which people live together as equals – regardless of their gender? And how can actors in the global north and global south work together without reproducing neocolonial structures? Is this even possible? Dhira e.V. deals with these and other questions. All our members work on a voluntary basis.

Dhira e.V. is therefore dependent on donations. One hundred percent of these donations go to projects of our partner organization in India: Among these are currently a local radio program and a women’s shelter for the care of women in emergency situations.


Romy Dahlke, Fabian Seiter, Theresa Merz, Zoe Vogel, Paulina Falky, Wibke de Boer, Theresa Koch (starting on the left) + Lucia Rost, Lena Borisch, Sabrina Kurz, Djamila Klaffke, Hannah Reemtsma, Jonathan Schanz

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