Prajna’s Radio Programme for Awareness Raising and Women’s Empowerment

There is very little media coverage or public consciousness of issues surrounding women’s rights or the involvement of women in society. Prajna decided to start a radio programme about these issues to trigger public debate and raise awareness about women’s rights. The project was made possible through donations mobilised by Dhira. Since January, the programme Bharavaseya Belaku (meaning “light of hope“) has been broadcast every two weeks on the regional radio channel All Air India Mangalore. In the 30 minute-long programme, some male and mostly female Prajna staff discuss women’s rights, provide information about support for women and discuss case studies of ‘strong’ and ‘empowered’ women. During the programme, people can call the radio station and ask specific or personal questions to the experts in the studio who immediately give advice and provide contact numbers of organisations to turn to for help.

Thus far, the radio programme has received very positive feedback. Many people have called the studio for advice and, furthermore, since the implementation of the project more women have turned to Prajna Counselling Centre for guidance and support.

Supporting Prajna’s Short-Stay House for Women

We also support Prajna in their efforts to help those women who have suffered from violence or who have been rejected by their family. Women who ran away from their family, were forced to leave or lost their home for other reasons can find shelter in Prajna’s short-stay house. They get accommodation, food, medical and psychological treatment, legal advice and are helped with reintegration into their families or communities. These services are funded by the regional government. However, the governmental funding does not cover the costs to support women who ran away from distant areas outside the region of Karnataka. Our emergency fund supports these women and helps them to re-establish contact with their homes and communities.

In the last few months, the Dhira emergency fund has supported six women in Prajna’s short-stay house. The money was primarily used to pay for shelter and food, as well as for the reintegration of the women into their families when they wished it.